You will encounter the following icons so you might like to familiarize yourself with them first:


These icons play a sound file corresponding to the lesson.

These icons play a sound file corresponding to the lesson without any other instruments and often at a slower speed so you can hear the guitar part more clearly.

These icons are for practising with a backing track.

These icons play video footage.

These green CD jamming spot icons are similar to backing tracks except the emphasis is on creativity rather than practice. They are an opportunity for you to play along without being told what to play.

These red CD icons follow some jamming spots with the inclusion of my own suggestion. Try not to go to this until you have spent plenty of time creating your own part.

The book icon help you consolidate musical theory concepts by asking you a question.

Technique Menu

The technique menu contains 21 guitar techniques complete with video examples.

Style Menu

The style menu contains 11 musical styles with numerous examples in each section.

Effects Menu

The effects menu contains 13 guitar effects complete with video examples.

Theory Menu

The theory menu groups all of the 27 theory lessons together. There are links to this information in other sections wherever it is relevant.

Session Time

Session time is for when you just want to kick back and jam.


The glossary provides a quick reference of definitions for musical and equipment terminology.

Performance Credits

Guitar: Bryce Jacobs, Stephen "Reg" Rutledge, Brendan Jacobs, Brad Johnston, Dave Langley.
Bass: Brendan Jacobs
Keyboards: Mark Hile
Drum programming: Brendan Jacobs, Jason Torrens


We have used right-handed terminology throughout this program. The left hand is the fretting hand and the right hand plays the strings. If you are left-handed then simply reverse these references.


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